Remanufactured Transfer Cases Top Advantages

Is your truck in top shape? If you are experiencing gear shifting issues or hearing some humming, growling, or weird grinding, the transfer case might need replacement. Besides affecting your driving experience more so if the truck is four-wheel-drive, a faulty transfer case could impact other parts, especially the transmission. So, you’ve established the transfer case needs replacement, now comes the big question. Should you buy a remanufactured np246 transfer case, an aftermarket, reconditioned, or used?

The options can be overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. This is since the np246 transfer case is a workhorse built to last, and you could buy a truck and use it for years without a replacement. The transfer case can last upwards of 100000 miles. This is especially with proper maintenance, including transfer case fluid service ideals every 30,000 miles. When it fails, shopping for a replacement can be daunting as you browse through the options, but a remanufactured transfer case wins on many fronts. Among the top reasons to choose remanufactured includes:


Remanufactured (reman) transfer cases come at a higher price tag. This is especially compared to reconditioned or used parts. Nonetheless, the higher upfront commitment offers a better return. A remnant is a used OEM part that has been disassembled, cleaned, worn out parts replaced, tested, and re-assembled.

While it might show signs of wear, a reman transfer case is robust, much like a new part. This means it fits and functions like the original part. Such reliability makes it easier to maintain your truck in top shape. Moreover, following the testing, the transfer case will serve you long enough to realize the value of your money, if not more. This is unlike a used part whose reliability is subject to the extent of the wear experienced. With the reliability and lifespan considerations, a remaining np246 transfer case is a more cost-effective solution.


A used part is less likely to come with a warranty. The reconditioned and aftermarket options typically feature limited coverage. This means you won’t have as much peace of mind driving with such replacement transfer cases. Remans come with an extensive warranty, averaging 18-36 months. The remanufacturer backs the quality of their work with such an extensive warranty. This is much like a brand new part since they are confident it will function and last. Besides peace of mind, the extensive warranty further saves you money, making a reman a favorable option.


Buying remanufactured helps lower the waste as it keeps landfills emptier. It also saves new parts productions’ carbon footprint. The remanufacturing process consumes less energy, hence a smaller footprint. Moreover, with the advancements, the remakes offer innovative solutions that further help keep the cars in good shape. Besides consuming less fuel, this means they help the car run efficiently, hence fewer carbon emissions.

The remanufacturing process also helps conserve raw materials, including copper, steel, and aluminum. Such sustainability further keeps the environment safer. The environment might not be on top of your mind as you look to get your truck back on the road. Nonetheless, it is a huge bonus benefit making reman a great option.

Remanufactured transfer cases offer many more benefits, especially if you get the vendor and only buy from a reliable and reputable service. Don’t be swayed by irresistible prices and go with used parts. You’ll keep replacing the transfer case, which can dig deeper into your finances.

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