NCERT Class 9 English Textbook

NCERT solutions are study materials constructed to help students to improve their scores and understanding of the subjects. These solutions are vital because they explain every concept in simple language, allowing students to understand the subjects and get good marks. For example, NCERT solutions for class 9 English will give a crystal clear image of the subject and chapter-wise solutions for students’ problems. These solutions are available in pdf format chapter-wise and include questions and answers that students can download to make their study easy and help in revision.

NCERT Class 9 English Literature Reader

NCERT has set up English books for all the classes as per the syllabus. NCERT solutions class 9 English books are crucial for students to understand the subject well and perform better. Class 9 NCERT solution books are not limited to understanding the textbook solutions, but it is beneficial to solving the previous year class 9 English question papers and sample papers.The CBSE board prepares these textbooks and syllabus. NCERT Class 9 English textbook includes English literature reader, Beehive, Workbook, Moments, Main coursebook, Grammar as per NCERT guidelines.

English Literature Reader chapter 6 and 12

The story written by O.Henry was set in a typical American background. NCERT solutions Class 9 English Literature Reader Best Seller – explains a fascinating character, John A. Pescud, a traveling salesman for a plate-glass company. He criticizes bestsellers as the product of over-imaginative minds as they are far removed from real life. He believes that bestsellers’ characters and scenes fabricate a false world of idealism. He finds that an American man from Chicago, another Trevelyan, tries to sell his romantic story and ultimately marries princess Jessie.

Ironically, Piscud describes his own marriage story to a traveling companion where the readers find it as extraordinary as bestsellers. Pescud meets his wife for the first time on a train and travels from Pittsburgh to Virginia because he falls in love with her. He stays in a hotel and finds more information about her and he tells her about his intention of marrying her. Then he meets her father and tells everything about him, and finally, he gets permission to marry his daughter.

Important questions from Best Seller

  1. What was John Pescud’s opinion about bestsellers?
  2. What does John say about himself since his last meeting with the author?
  3. How did John’s meeting with Jessie’s father go?
  4. Why did John get off at Coketown?
  5. Describe the ironic ending of the story, Best seller?

This poem is an autobiography of a brook, written by Lord Tennyson. NCERT Class 9 English Literature Reader The Brook is Tennyson’s one of the best poems that uncovers the life of the origin of the brook, its passage, it’s sound, and various movements that it undergoes. The brook is personified and says how it emerges from the mountaintop and flows down the hills and across valleys.

Poet draws parallels with the life of man. During its journey, it passes through many hills, bridges, villages, and towns. The noise reveals its mood; when it moves on the pebbles, it shows joyous noise, and when it moves many curves on the bank and follows zig-zag passages, it shows anger.

The brook also passes many ‘fairy forelands’, which are covered with willow-weed and mallow. Then it joins the brimming river. On its way, the brook finds mainly lusty trout and graylings (names of fish). Many flowers blossom on its surface. The transparent water makes its bottom look clear. It passes silently by lawns, grassy plots, and small hazel trees. Swallows touch the water as they fly overhead. The sunbeams dance happily on its shining water. The brook slips, slides, glooms and glances merrily as it flows endlessly.

 Important questions from The Brook

  1. How does the brook sparkle?
  2. How many hills and bridges does the brook pass during its journey?
  3. Why has the word chatter been repeated in this poem?
  4. Where does it finally meet the river?
  5. Name the different things that can be found floating in the brook.

The NCERT Solutions provide an easy and comprehension of understanding the complex topics. It also provides solutions for the questions given in each chapter.

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