Everything You Need To Know About Tennis Balls

Most people wonder whether men and women use the same equipment when training and playing tennis. According to the United States Tennis Association (USTA), women use a different ball from men. The tennis ball for men is extra-felt duty, while women use regular-felt duty. This is one consideration coaches and players put into place when choosing a tennis training tool.

Size of Men’s Tennis Ball and Women’s Tennis Ball

According to the USTA, women’s and men’s tennis balls are the exact sizes. The ball also has the same pressure and design. The difference between the regular-felt and heavy-felt duty balls is to enable women to hit the ball at a higher speed. In addition, experts consider the muscle size of men and women, and the balls are designed to ensure the game is fair for both genders.

Why are Women’s Tennis Balls Lighter?

The purpose of lighter tennis women’s balls compared to men’s is due to health issues. According to the Women’s Tennis Association, women use a lighter ball to prevent wrist, elbow, arm, and shoulder injuries that could have adverse effects on the future of women’s tennis. Again, the lighter balls allow high speed to reduce challenges during the game.

Can Players Carry Extra Balls Before The Game?

Tennis players ask for three balls before serving to help them select the best ball for the game. The extra serving balls also help players to select the ball with the highest speed. Again, using these balls to serve helps players to avoid errors that could cost their game when competition sets in. However, coaches train men and women tennis players to choose the right ball as a tennis training tool.

What are the Qualities of a Good Tennis Ball?

Tennis balls may differ depending on the brand. Thus, if you are looking for a tennis training tool, a good tennis ball has the following qualities:

  • Must be approved by International Tennis Federation (ITF)
  • A good bounce
  • All-round performance for all players
  • A good fuzz

Specifications of a Tennis Ball

According to ITF rules, a tennis ball should have the following specifications;

  • Height should be between 135 and 174 cm
  • The weight should be between 56 and 59.4 grams
  • The diameter must be between 6.35 and 6.85 cm

Furthermore, all tennis balls are tested at 20 degrees Celsius, 102 Kpa atmospheric pressure, and a humidity of 60%. This allows the players to play successfully despite the weather conditions.

How Do You Keep the Ball Pressurized?

Tennis balls remain in pressurized containers to ensure they have the pressure to play. This is because dead balls are not suitable for playing. However, the pressure lessens as the players play and can change the ball if they notice less pressure.

Bottom Line

Tennis balls are a fundamental tool for training and playing tennis. Though men’s and women’s balls may differ, it’s due to women’s arm and elbow health. Again, consider your tennis ball is ITF certified to ensure you are safe on the football court.

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