Bean Bags: It’s All About Your Comfort

Bean bags are the new comfort in the market. These days big bean bag chairs have replaced the traditional sofas which consumed lots of space and were high maintenance.

Designed by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro, Bean bags were introduced by Zanotta in 1969. Since then they have become the latest trend in the market. Big Bean Bags are globally recognised pieces of furniture.

What exactly are Bean Bags?

Bean bags are often made of leather, suede, corduroy and fake fur. They are filled up with styrofoam beans. Polyester is one of the main materials by which the outer covering of the bean bag is made. It is a waterproof material which makes the chair more durable and resistant. These bags are not just limited to fun but on the other hand these days they have shown amazing results with clinical conditions such as flat head syndrome in babies. Baby Colic is another condition where bean bags have helped significantly in improving the situation.

Bean Bags have become very popular these days and the data also supports the fact. According to the Ace Bayou Corp, by the end of August 2014 more than 2.2 million big bean bags have already been sold. This number is quite surprising and is much more than the sale trend seen in sofas and couches.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Bean Bags

There are many advantages and disadvantages of using bean bags. Here are some of the best points one needs to know about these furniture.

Some of the advantages are listed below-

  • Great for posture

Bean bags are great for posture. All the regular chairs provide a fixed posture but the bean bag chairs have the ability to adjust according to an individual’s comfort. Hence the muscles don’t get stretched and a person won’t face issues such as back pain with bean bags. A huge number of people have agreed to the fact that bean bags have helped them with their back pain.

  • Affordable

If an individual can’t afford expensive sofa sets and furniture then bean bags are the best option out there. They are reliable, fancy and at the same time they are affordable. It is a cost effective option that can assist in designing homes.

  • Amazing Comfort

Comfort is something that makes bean bags very different from all other types of chairs. Most of the conventional chairs use springs and cushions but bean bags are not constructed similarly. They have foam filled inside them which have amazing elastic recoil making them comfortable to sit.

Disadvantages of Bean Bags 

  • Too comfortable is not what one wants!

Bean bags are comfortable but sometimes all an individual needs is a firm support to keep the back straight.

  • Not Durable

Durability depends on  the quality of bean bag fabric one buy. But most of the bean bags are not made for rough use.


Bean Bags are all about comfort. These chairs are affordable and on the other hand are some of the fanciest furniture one can have.

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