A Lifetime of Loving Music and Business, Evan Rubinson’s Career

After a lifetime of loving music and several years working as the leader of ddrum Percussion and Luna, Evan Rubinson launched his own music-related business in June 2022. ERA Music Brands sells musical instruments and accessories to the public. Rubinson wears many hats in his role as founder and brand builder of his new company. He does everything from order inventory to answer questions from several media outlets curious to know more about ERA Music Brands.

The Years Before ERA Music Brands

Despite being just 30 years old, Rubinson has accomplished more in his career than many people who are twice his age. He graduated from college in 2014 and was the leader of musical organizations named above by the time he was 25. Luna and ddrum Percussion all operated under the umbrella of Armadillo Enterprises.

Evan Rubinson assumed the Executive position for each of the divisions in December 2016 and remained employed by Armadillo Enterprises until he opened his startup company. He worked as an International Sales Strategist and Financial Analyst with the same organization during the summer of 2013.

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Past and Present Financial and Shareholder Positions

Before breaking into the music business eight years ago, Rubinson’s primary career interest was in the financial services industry. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University to prepare him to work in this field. His interest in sales and finance was what led Evan Rubinson to accept the position with Armadillo Enterprises in the first place.

His first position in finance was with Prometheus Partners, working as a Private Equity Analyst. Rubinson also spent a little over two years working as a self-employed portfolio manager with a specialty focus on the biotechnology and healthcare industries.

In January 2004, more than six years before he graduated from high school, Rubinson became a co-manager and shareholder at EPR Investments and a majority shareholder in Kapok Pavilion. He remains a shareholder of both organizations almost 19 years later.

Evan Rubinson founded Koroit Capital in June 2016 and still works as its CIO today. He has also been a co-owner of Concordia Investment Partners since April 2018.

Board Positions, Licenses, and Certifications

Rubinson became a board member at Duke University in November 2021. He works with the Duke Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee in this role. Eleven months later, he accepted an Advisory Board Member position with the University of South Florida Muma College of Business. He advises staff and other members on matters regarding the digital marketing program for the college.

Evan Rubinson holds the following licenses and certifications:

  •       2-15 Health & Life Agent License issued by the Florida Department of Financial Services
  •       Association for Corporate Growth, issued by organization of the same name in September 2022
  •       Core Comprehensive Analyst and Associate Training Program, issued by Training the Streets in June 2012
  •       Turnaround Management Association, issued by organization of the same name in September 2022

With more working years ahead of him than behind him, there seems to be no limit to what Rubinson can achieve.

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