6 Lawn and Landscaping Tips for Increasing Home Value

Homeowners willing to sell their homes in the future must do basic things to increase the value of their properties. Most people will go for house renovation and forget about the lawn and landscape. People should note that keeping a home attractive and well maintained is a smart way of keeping the home value high. A neglected home will not easily attract buyers, making it difficult to sell it fast. Property owners should prioritize improving lawn and landscaping to make the property attractive and increase its value. Here are lawn and landscaping tips that can increase the value of a home.

1.   Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Neglected, an unkempt lawn can dent the appearance of a home. It can also decrease the value of a home. However, when one invests in maintaining the lawn, one can get the best prices for the home. Lawn care doesn’t have to be costly. It is all about doing simple things right. Mowing grass, trimming shrubs and bushes, weeding, and removing all the debris from the lawn are simple ways to maintain a healthy lawn. Homeowners can go further to have a fertilization and watering schedule to ensure the lawn is green throughout the year. But they may need the help of a lawn care company for lawn sprinkler system design and installation to ensure a consistent water supply throughout the yard.

2.   Plant Trees

Homes with yards looking almost empty may not attract higher prices. People owning such homes should consider planting trees around the compound. Trees in the yard and along the fence can add between $1,000 and $10,000 to a home value. Trees also have other benefits, such as giving your home a curb appeal and providing a perfect ‘microclimate’ for your home. When the trees mature, they can be sold, and homeowners can make extra money. It is advisable to plant different tree species, but ensure they are pruned regularly.

3.   Have Flower and Herb Gardens

When landscaping, flower gardens must be top on the list of things to do. Flower gardens ensure a fresh smell and give a home an attractive look. Flowers gardens should be in the backyard and in front of the house. One can also create flower gardens along the pathways. Property owners should ensure that only attractive and soothing flowers are planted in the gardens.

Having an herb garden in the backyard is also an excellent way of improving the appearance of your home. Herb gardens can help homeowners save money, as they will be getting most herbs from the garden instead of buying. One can grow coriander, mint, parsley, basil, chives, rosemary, and more. Well-maintained herb gardens can attract potential buyers, and some might be willing to pay more for the home as a result.

4.   Install Irrigation System

Installing an automatic irrigation system is one of the simplest solutions for maintaining a lawn and boosting the value of a home. There are different irrigation systems like drip irrigation, in-ground sprinkler system, and more to choose from. Choosing a system that can distribute the selected amount of water is advisable to keep the lawn and landscape looking best without worrying about drying out or overwatering in some sections. Homeowners should hire experts for lawn sprinkler system design and installation for the best results.

5.   Accent walkways with Lights, Flowers, and Fences

Another excellent way of improving curb appeal and increasing the value of a home is highlighting the pathways and driveways with lights, flowers, and fences. Property owners should start by building a concrete or loose gravel pathways. They should then plant flowers along the pathways. Alternatively, they can build fences along the paths and install lights. All these efforts aim to highlight the pathways and walkways within the home.

6.   Add Outdoor Features

Planting flowers and trees may not be enough to give a home a new look and increase its value. Property owners can build outdoor living spaces like an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, pergola, or patio. These features will ensure homeowners can spend quality time outdoors. It also increases the value of a home by thousands of dollars. It is also advisable to build an attractive fence surrounding the property. A well-built fence will enhance security and increase home value. One may not build all these features at the same time, but one can choose to build one at a time.

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