4 Tips to Move Office Smoothly while Hiring Commercial Moving Services in Toronto

A move of any kind is difficult. If you’ve ever moved house you probably know how much work it involves. Now imagine you had to move office. It not only involves so many more things, it impacts more people too. Decisions regarding moving an office must be taken wisely so that business isn’t affected much.

It’s prudent to hire commercial moving services in Toronto for an office move. While they can take care of the actual move, these tips will help you ensure moving day is stress-free.

  1. Plan well and inform everyone

Having a skeletal plan in place before contacting commercial office movers in Toronto will give you (and them) an idea of when the office move can take place and what all needs to be done first. You might want to ensure that lighting, heating, AC and internet are all in place at the new office before moving day. Make lists of what things needs to go first and which ones would be needed till the last moment. You should also inform everyone relevant to your business including your employees, customers and clients. All of this will help you lower downtime of your business during the move.

  1. Update address and contact details

When you are moving office, remember to update your contact details along with the new address on your website and social media handles. You wouldn’t want to lose customers just because you had to shift office. While you obtaining quotes from commercial moving services in Toronto, you might also want to consider getting new business stationery with the updated address. Printing stickers with the new contact details often works as a quick fix until the new batch is ready.

  1. Assign responsibility to supervise delivery of the consignment

If you’re getting the whole move arranged through commercial office movers in Toronto including the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking, an office move becomes relatively easy. Nonetheless, assign a team to receive the consignment when it arrives at the new address, and to let them in to the building. This team should know how many boxes are being transported and what kinds of equipment are included. They should be able to check that the hired commercial moving services of Toronto have delivered the consignment without any damages.

  1. Plan for (Un-) Boxing Day

As all the boxes arrive, you will need time to unpack everything and set up office before you can have it up and running. It’s a good idea to have delivery planned for Friday to reduce business downtime. If you have decided to get unpacking done by one of the commercial office movers in Toronto, you’ll still need to have a plan in place to tell them where things go.


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